Hazeltucky Comes To Life

by Chris Hazeltucky

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released July 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Chris Hazeltucky Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Vigilantes
(Chris Hazeltucky)

When he saw Machete
It made him realize
He could be a hero
Do that for a life

He'd get the backpacking girl

Did not keep his promise
To meet her the next day
Could not bare the moment
When she went away

Like the girl with the burned red hat yeah (you gonna burn it)

We don't need
To get excited about today
What we need
Is to take advantage of tonight
If he'll ever see her again
All heroes
Tend to not be able to relate

We'll be vigilantes
And we'll take control
We'll be ringing sirens
And evil's bound to end

'Cause we will be the law itself my dear friend

You just saved that lady
Helped her cross the street
Also saved a kitten
Chopping down a tree

Reveal his true identity
Track Name: I Come To Break Your Marriage
I Come to Break Your Marriage
(Chris Hazeltucky)

There’s some trouble in your heart tonight
I see your eyes, you must feel needed

You were young when you chose to be by his side
You feel you’re owned without desire

You vowed
But life is one, and you must live it
Your heart
Is beating hard, yeah you should leave him

Tonight we’ll do what’s right
Don’t feel so guilty for you should be loved
I’ll kick that door in and take you
In my arms away from him
I come to break your marriage tonight

There’s no time for no proper goodbyes
He tried to hurt you, I showed no mercy

Hop on baby we’re not coming back
And you’ll find out what real love is
Track Name: Let's Do It All Nite Lon'
Let’s Do It All Nite Lon’
(Chris Hazeltucky)

You’re so hot you make me feel
Like I'm a school boy
Can’t control what’s goin’on bellow my waist
My way tells ya that I wanna make you mine
Your desire is to whip and to tie me with handcuffs
Hurt your little boy with no safe words

Let's do it all nite lon'
Right now, after now
Squeeze and touch me the way you do
So right, so smooth
No goin' back to what we were
New me, knew you
Let's do it all nite lon'
Right now, after now

Baby, baby, baby you
Drive so crazy
You make me sweat when it’s cold
I’ll be butt naked
You’re ice cold and I can tell
You're wearing no braw
And I wonder if you're
Playin’ hard to get all alon’
And you shave it all off just for fun
Track Name: I Have Not Come Home
I Have Not Come Home
(Chris Hazeltucky)

When I'm far from home
And you wont' pick up the phone
I'm feeling alone
Who I’ve met along the way?

So long I became a stranger
But I'd like to see you again

Long time since I have not come home
So far not easy to be done
We just continued with our lives
Nothing in common anymore

Should I not have left
Even though you asked
Ghosts that haunt me in my dreams
But I don't believe that crap
You live in my memories
But I don't recall your name
Track Name: Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty
(Chris Hazeltucky)

Woke up this morning well and refreshed
Only to find out I’ve overslept
The old alarm clock has died on me
It was my dad’s, my grandpa's before him
I turn the lights on, it blinks and goes out
Some stuff got broken without receipt

Na na na na nothing is meant to
Last on these days
Na na na na not even love now
Will last forever

Well in the add it sure looks better
Promises that you'll feel alright
Some parts are missing in this story
I'll take them back to where they took place

There she goes, not coming back

He eh eh eh ey
You gotta problem with that?
No lifetime warranty
You gotta problem with that?
Replacements rest in peace
Track Name: Temptation
(Chris Hazeltucky)

Monday morning
Beginning of that cycle once again
Take that train, no place to sit I guess like me
They've also gotta be somewhere

Look out the window
See some people free in the park under the sun
I guess I'll also give it a try ‘cause so I'm tired of paying bills and not getting anywhere

To live the life of my dreams
Been thinking
It ain't so hard as it seems

Why do you?
Think you need this routine
For those who
Don't even know who you are

The things I own and what I've got I can leave behind
They served their purpose, so that is fine
I guess I had this all planned out, just you and me
Somewhere together we should flee

I'm never going back to that life
'Cause this life is mine and this is not
the way that it's supposed to be

The only thing that you can take from life
Is what you lived and love you've felt
the rest is just dirty stuff that's left behind
Track Name: Picnic In The Rain
Picnic In the Rain
(Chris Hazeltucky)

Others find it so hard
To understand me
Jokes I tell from my town
Make no sense

Thought that you would love me
I was wrong
Sometimes what you think I feel
Is something else

Picnic in the rain
With this girlfriend
Is that what she meant
Or is she testing me

Give this one more chance
Mistakes I reckon
And now we are wet and fed
Let's take a bath, together

Nobody will like you
When in debt
Will not be remembered
When you’re dead

Once you made the news
That went real bad
Testifying to a scene
You wish to forget
Track Name: The Love That Was Forever
The Love That Was Forever
(Chris Hazeltucky)

I, I like to watch her
I like to see her studying all those road maps

Keep us young with these adventures
Coast to coast and
Back and fourth together

No need to seek for companions
If you don’t have a heart
To be taken

And you soon will be forgotten
Friends according to
A situation

Yes, we may be parting ways for good
We’ll forget the love that
Was forever

She’ll find another man
Well I guess I’ve gotta learn
Yes she really showed me

And there’ll be no one else
That can replace what we were
Yes she really showed me

You, you walk so good
I like to see you with your decided attitude
Track Name: Messed Up Our Lives
Messed Up Our Lives
(Chris Hazeltucky)

Hasn't been so long
It's still fresh in my mind
I'll write this song
So we both don't forget

Once you've find real love
Make sure to keep it right
Yeah you might feel sore
Your heart hurts from the bite

Letting go
Going back
Tell me what did you expect
It's a fact
It's a match
We're no random artifact / We're an unique artifact

How could we've messed up so bad
With our lives
Yes we both have second thoughts
About making things right
Track Name: Campfire Song
Campfire Song
(Chris Hazeltucky)

A fire that warms our souls at night
On days of bloody battle
A campfire song to cheer us up
From loses of dear fellas

The day has come and we shall win
Doom shall fall on the enemy
And we will raise our flags up high
To show who has prevailed